For a long time, there were simply too few technologies that were easily transportable and easy to work with. Trade show exhibit builders were limited to drapes, bars and plastic panels that could be folded, boxed and moved to the next show. That all changed as CAD came into view. CAD opened the doors to being able to precisely design and construct a multitude of materials into a cohesive design known as a "trade show exhibit".

With technology also comes less limitations. While we think we're pretty creative, some of the most extravagant trade show booths we've ever built come from our customer ideas. CAD was a huge help in this arena.

And, CAD did much more than that. It also allowed exhibit builders the ability to SHOW their customers what the finished product would look like long before their exhibit was built. This is now our practice at Trade Show Truss Designs, becasue in addition to helping our customers envision their booths before theyr'e built, it also saves costly mistakes.

Midland Display embraced this technology and has never looked back. As part of every booth design they create, they include a FREE CAD DRAWING to their customer, and usually deliver it within two hours or less. (Hence, the "3 D in 2" website URL at our other blog.)

If buying a trade show booth or exhibit from Trade Show Truss Displays you can expect 30 years of expertise, CAD technology, drawings of your finished booth in two hours or less, and of course, a price that is as good or better than you'll find anywhere. This, is how a trade show booth should be built. If you're looking elsewhere to have your booth built, here's some things you need to know:

  • Most trade show retailers do not stock the parts for your booth. They order it at the time you pay for your order, delaying when you'll actually receive your booth or exhibit.
  • Many trade show exhibit builders are not really builders. They are resellers, who simply go elsewhere (sometimes to and have someone else with years of experience build your booth. In short, they are middlemen, earning a finders fee thanks to their excellent search engine placement.
  • Most trade show exhibit resellers you'll find in Google do not use CAD to design your booth. They use a drawing or artwork template from the booth manufacturer, and simply drop-in designs they find elsewhere, or in some case, do the artwork themselves. As far as receiving a 3D CAD rendering of your booth, it's probably not going to happen.
  • If you just have to shop elsewhere, then do so. Gather these the things listed below and then come back to Trade Show Truss Displays and let the professionals build your booth and match or even BEAT the price you get anywhere else. It's a fact - Midland Trade Show will meet or beat any price you find on the Internet, but then give you FREE booth design, CAD's in two hours or less, and over 30 years of experience to help design your booth and avoid costly mistakes. We know - We've seen what other companies try to do, and it's why Midland Trade Show has "fixed" so many designs created by amateurs.

Your "Shopping Elsewhere" list:

  • Booth / exhibit manufacturer's name, and if possible, product number.
  • General design ideas, logos, elements you want included in your design.
  • Price - Get a link to the actual website or webpage if possible. Midland buys more booth structures and materials than most companies do since they build almost 500 exhibits per year. They are one of few who get the lowest possible price on booths, structures, truss systems and fabrics due to volume buying.

When you've gathered some or all of these items, come back and talk to us at Trade Show Truss Displays, or call us at 1-888-525-8103 to get started.