Many online retailers of Trade Show Booths and Trade Show Truss Displays are just that - Online retailers. While some of these trade show retailers are great at publicizing their website using SEO tricks and tools, that doesn't mean they are the best solution for buying a trade show booth.

Trade Show Truss Displays is a service provided by Midland Display, a company who's been building trade show booths since 1982. In our case, our website is an extention of our services, not our primary focus. Our many return customers (gained, from over 30 years of being in business) is the bulk of our buisness.

We welcome new business, and to do so, we offer free trade show booth designs with every order. That may not sound like much, but, in many cases, this is the area where trade show booth builders make ALL of their money. This may require explination.

Online reatilers of trade show booths (like us) have to publish competittive prices in order to be considered by our future trade show booth customers. To do this, we often publish prices at cost. Actual cost. Meaning, most online trade show booth retailers matching our prices have no choice but to charge you for booth design and graphics design services.

Now, we do charge (in some cases) for graphics design services. However, we NEVER CHARGE for BOOTH DESIGNS.

Got questions? We're here to help. Call us at 1-888-525-8103 for free trade show booth advice. (No pressure)

So, how do we stay in business? Good question! Midland Display (Trade Show Truss Displays) works directly with most all of the major booth manufacturers and hardware providers. In fact, Midland Display is often called upon for advice, working as their eyes and ears in the field, lettin gthem know what works and what doesn't work in the trenches.

Becasue of our extensive experience and long time in the trade show booth building business, our prices are lower than some of the competition you see on the Internet. As a result, we match everyone else's prices, still make a little profit, and are able to offer FREE BOOTH DESIGNS on every order.

If your'e looking to buy a trade show booth in the next month or two, do your shipping, Then, come back to and let the professionals design and build your booth. What we can save you in mistakes by providing you free 3D CAD renderings of your booth befre it's built it worth a fortune in itself.

Vidit our online store at to save money and get the best trade show booth designs, always FREE.