Trade Show Truss Displays has always had great prices, but what many might not know is that we started showcasing our most popular products at the end of March, and have set the prices so low on the most popular trade show booths and displays, that we felt it deserved an article.

20' x 10' Hopup Display for $1995
Special #1 is our 20' (20 foot) Hopup Display for only $1995. That's right! A full 10' tall by 20' wide display with FREE BOOTH DESIGNS for under $2000.

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Who this Trade Show Booth is For
This 20' trade show booth is for anyone needing to make a splash at their trade show, but lack the budget to get into a truss. These 20' x 10 photomural displays give everyone a lot for their money since there's 200 square feet of printable surface.

Does it Travel Well?
Yes. These booth pack-down to almost nothing, and can be flown as an extra bag. They fit neatly in a trunk or on the back seat of your car.

How Long to Build?
Trade Show Truss can build these in a matter of days. The best thing to do is contact Chad at 1-888-525-8103 and tell him your needs. Chad's 30+ years experience in building trade show booths will ensure your 20' x 10' Photomural Hopup Booth rocks your future trade shows.

We're here to help. Call Chad at 1-888-525-8103 to order.