A & L Design Customer Service Policies and Procedures
Graphic File Creation.

You’ll spend a lot of money for show space, travel, hotels, meals, etc. at the trade show.  Don’t devalue that by creating poor graphics for your trade show display.  Few non marketing/design people understand the nuances of large format graphic printing. Are you very familiar the following:  resolution, proportion, PMS colors, vector art vs. bitmap art, bleed.  If not you should not be creating the computer graphics files for your trade show display.  Get the advice of a professional in the layout of trade show display graphics and computer generated artwork.  You’ll save time and money in the long run.

Our print technology requires 100 pixels per inch at full size for clean sharp graphic reproduction.  We provide free eproofs for position only.  You must undestand the concepts in the paragraph above to avoid a costly mistake.  We can provide actual printed proofs for color matching but this takes time and if changes are made additional printed proofs may be required to find a match.  Our display prices are very competitive.  In order to do that we must make the assumption that you know how to create artwork properly for final printing.  If we create your final print files we guarantee that the resolution will be acceptable and the resolution of the final print will be as well.

1. Return Policy
A & L Design maintains a 7 day return policy for all non-graphic, hardware items. The items must be returned unused, in their original container and a 30% restocking fee will apply. Due to complexity and number of parts involved it is your responsibility to receive, setup and verify all display hardware and graphics prior to the use at a tradeshow. Always allow sufficient time prior to ordering your booth to allow this. Displays that have been used at a trade show cannot be returned for credit. There is no return credit for any produced graphics or non standard display fabric colors. Custom orders not delivered are subject to a 30% restocking fee. These are non kit orders requiring specialized customization. Once an order has been placed for a customized configuration and it has been produced it is subject to a restocking fee even if not delivered. Custom color/powdercoat hardware is not returnable.
2. Shipping policy
Non-graphic items will ship either UPS or Fed Ex ground, unless specified by different carrier, agreed upon by both Midland Display and the purchaser, within 7 working days of order. Orders may ship sooner, depending upon supply.
3. Surcharges Policy 
A & L Design may levy surcharges to cover the costs incurred for graphics layout changes, graphics proofs, UPS fuel surcharges, order changes, shipping or billing address changes, non standard shipment methods, accessory additions or other non descript customer requests.  Standard graphics turn around times are 5 business days from the receipt of final artwork or eproof approval which ever occurs later.  Rush charge will apply to production times shorter than 5 days.  Rush charges will vary from 10% to 50% based on the number of full days available for production.  
4. A & L Design Payment Policy
1. All products shipped and not prepaid must be guaranteed with a valid credit card. 2. The card WILL BE AUTHORIZED* for the full amount. 3. If receiver desires invoiced billing, the card will not be charged for the amount, and an invoice will be sent out for payment. If the card does not authorize for the amount, a check must be received prior to shipment. No exceptions. 4. The receiver has 7 days from receipt of product for inspection and returns, and a 30% restocking fee will be charged for returned items. Other charges may apply if the product has been damaged or used for a trade show. The receiver is responsible for all shipping charges. 5. If payment has not been received within 15 days of receipt of product, the authorized card will be charged, unless other written terms apply. 6. Invoiced displays are net due on delivery and a 1.5% per month service fee is charged after net 30. 7. Orders that originate direct from manufacturing sites cannot be shipped freight collect. 8. Third party charging of freight is acceptable. 9. There are no returns of graphics, which require full payment in advance by check or credit card, after approval of proofs. Proofs MUST BE APPROVED prior to production. *Authorization means that the available credit on the card has been reduced by the amount authorized so that at a point in the future if the bill is unpaid and the card is charged there is adequate credit available to cover the charge. The card has not actually been charged at the time of authorization. International Orders: International shipments are only made upon prepayment of the order in full via Certified check, Money Order or Wire Transfer. Freight is scheduled and paid for by the customer placing the order.