What are popups?

Popup displays are the most popular due to their light weight, small size when packed, and ease of set-up. There are literally dozens of brands in the marketplace today.  Some are more durable, hence more expensive, than others. The term is confusing and maybe by reviewing those below it will help. The term "popup" is derived from this display's framework, which expands up like an umbrella . It consists of a framework of aluminum tubing interlocked with rivets. The tubing used can also sometimes be fiberglass, but aluminum works better. To the frame are attached "channel bars" allowing panels, either fabric faced or graphic, to be rolled onto them. The standard popup is steadily losing market share to the tension fabric kits, which are easier/lighter to use.

Standard Popup - includes lighter weight aluminum frame, individual channel bars,  velcro (Frontrunner or Prelude) fabric panels and thermomolded shipping case with wheels. Other options available - several sizes available. 


Commercial Popup - includes heavy weight frame with nylon connectors, folding steel channel bars, velcro (Frontrunner or Prelude) panels and  the choice of 1 or 2 thermomolded shipping cases with wheels. Other options available - several sizes available. 

Photo Mural Popup - A standard grade popup with the substitution of photomural panels instead of the velcro fabric panels and includes everything in the standard grade pop up.  We use only durst lambda photographic film production techniques combined with HDL lifetime lamination guarantee.




Tension Fabric Popup - A  popup frame, non-curved or curved with a replaceable fabric graphic mural attached to it. The tension fabric popup requires no channel bars and is easier to put up than the standard popup..  The fabric mural is pre-attached to the frame, making set up a breeze.  This display offers a full photomural effect without a cumbersome set up procedure. It transports in a lightweight included nylon bag, hard shipping case and lights available

Wall Frame Fabric Pop Up - This is not a true popup as it includes an easy to erect rectangular pole frame.  The large format graphic is simply velcro'd along the edges allowing simple set up.  It is the most economical means of achieving a full 10' photomural effect. 

Bannerstand Popups- These are also not really poups. But simply graphics that either retract or unroll for display.

Bannerstands are economical means of displaying large format graphics by an "easy to transport" means.  There are two types of bannerstands - rollable (manual set up) and retractable (automatic) set up.  The rollable bannerstand consists of a base, pole and graphic that the user assembles prior to displaying.  The retractable bannerstand has a spring loaded cassette which sits on the floor and is assemble by pulling graphic vertically out of the cassette and attaching to the pole.

Rollable Bannerstand - Inexpensive, easy to transport graphic system.  Simply unroll the graphic attach the base and pole to the aluminum extrusions on the top and bottom of the graphic and you're ready to display. 

Retractable Bannerstand - A bit more expensive but just as easy to transport, this system protects the graphic within an aluminum base.  Simply pull the spring loaded graphic to the desired height and attach the pole.












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