Tradeshow Truss Displays and Midland Display Products have been producing trade show exhibits for over thirty years and have won numerous awards for exhibit design. We have a number of free services, including CAD renderings of all our displays shown with (potential) clients branding. We just ask for a few lo-rez images,
like logos, products and services, then the display the client wants to see them on, and get our customers a design in as little as a few hours, to the longest wait being perhaps a day.
We also can take an existing display, the client may already own from either us or another vendor, and provide them with a display design using what they have,
as a means of evaluating their message, or messages. Our design work has brought us good recognition within the tradeshow industry, and many thanks from
our clientele. The most grateful are the smaller businesses that do not have "design personel" per se, and do not know how to go about designing a tradeshow
booth. This free service has brought us quite a bit of business, and we promote it as often as possible, as a means of exhibitors avoiding "mistakes" in either
display type or message. Tradeshow graphics are expensive, so having a means of evaluating them helps, especially a free one!
We started out in 1982 seeling the smaller, more portable display types and have slowly moved up in size, whereas the smaller table top display is no longer
our main category, with the 20' or island type display more our norm. Since the tradhow industry is so large, our niche has become tradeshow or exhibit design,
and by offereing it for free, made us a leader in that category. Our primary search terms over the web involve Tradeshow, Exhibit or Booth design, which seems to
bring us traffic or business, looking for the solution to that need.
We have toyed with the idea of changing our name from Midland Display, or Tadeshow Truss Displays, to Tradeshow Design Inc., but have been labled as
Midland for so long, would not feel comfortable with the change, in spite of display design being our forte.
Both Tradeshow Truss Displays and Midland Display Products are divisions of A & L Design, Inc.  
Administration Offices:
640 NE 80th Des Moines, IA 50327
23717 Quivira Rd. Kansas City, KS 66013
(800) 487-7944 (413) 647-9248 Fax 
Satellite Sales Offices:
Kansas City, KS (913) 533-2439
Des Moines, IA (515) 967-7201
Warehousing Locations:
Fenton, MO-print/production
Bolingbrook, IL-stocking
San Diego, CA-stocking
Oakland, CA -production/fabrication
Los Angeles, CA-stocking
Las Vegas-Rental
Printing Facility/CAD rendering services:
Kansas City, KS (877) 297 1855