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Trade Show Truss Displays

Trade Show Truss Displays has been creating unique and eye catching exhibit booth truss structures and graphic designs for over 30 years.  Our experience in truss exhibit design is unsurpassed.  From 10' display truss systems to 50x50 multilevel displays with AV presentations, meeting areas, demonstrations kiosks, backlighted graphic presentations has been proven over time.

Trade Show Truss Exhibit Questions You may have:

“How do I choose the best structure for my exhibit area, my companies products and the best presentation of my message?”

We can help you decide on an appropriate exhibit structure for your space, whether its a simple popup type display or bannerstand to a very complex island exhibit.  With attention to showing your branding to all attendees that may be walking the floor, inviting entrance  areas to your booth space with your unique benefits to potential customers in plain view our design experts can create the environment you need to get the maximum from your tradeshow display investment.

But, you’re probably thinking:

“What will that booth look like with my graphics/products/branding on it?”

We can help you envision your next truss display and we do this by creating 3D CAD renderings of your trade show truss system then helping you develop your graphics design with all the specific requirements that a trade show requires.  And we can do this before you spend any money with another company not knowing for sure what you might be getting. 

Next Question:  Won’t a Truss CAD Drawing cost a lot?

No.  This is a service we provide for our customers who are changing their booth design FREE of CHARGE.  


In our more than 30 years of experience in the trade show display business we have found that the successful companies do 3 things very well:

1) Utilize the best display structure for their booth space

2) Enhance their booth appeal and function using accessories like banner stand, video kiosks, lighting and literature placement

3) Discover unusual booth ideas that create buzz at the show with product demonstrations, promotional giveaways, visitor experiences.


Do's and Don'ts of Trade Show Graphics 

You've chosen your new trade show exhibit . . . however, you're not done yet. Now you have to be smart about your graphics. Consistently we see finished designs, a significant number of which we look at and say "Wow!" Others we look at and say "what were they thinking?"  The information below can be helpful as you consider your graphic content for your trade show display effort. 


Occupy the High Ground

 Avoid putting graphics lower than waist level on your booth.  The bottom 1/3 of your display is there to hold up to top 2/3 and keep your massage at eye level.


Don’t Waste Your Money

 You’ll spend a lot of money for show space, travel, hotels, meals, etc. at the trade show.  Don’t devalue that by creating poor graphics for your trade show displays.  Few non marketing/design people understand the nuances of large format graphic printing.  Are you very familiar the following:  resolution, proportion, PMS colors, vector art vs. bitmap art, bleed.  If not you should not be creating the computer graphics files for your trade show display.  Get the advice of a professional in the layout of trade show display graphics and computer generated artwork.  You’ll save time and money in the long run.

Our print technology requires 100 pixels per inch at full size for clean sharp graphic reproduction.  We provide free eproofs for position only.  You must undestand the concepts in the paragraph above to avoid a costly mistake.  We can provide actual printed proofs for color matching but this takes time and if changes are made additional printed proofs may be required to find a match.  Our display prices are very competitive.  In order to do that we must make the assumption that you know how to create artwork properly for final printing.  If we create your final print files we guarantee that the resolution will be acceptable and the resolution of the final print will be as well. 

Don’t Duplicate Your Company Brochure

 This is the single biggest mistake most exhibitors make.  Your trade show display is not your brochure, it is not your highway billboard, it is not your business card.  Messaging needs to be clear, concise in as few words as possible and assisted by vibrant illustrations or photographs.


Image Quality Tips

 All photography should be high resolution (at least 100 pixels per inch at full size) and illustrations and logos should be vectored artwork (illustrator files) which can be enlarge to any size without worry about resolution issues.  A trade show exhibit is not a billboard - people will be walking up and even touching your graphics.  The images need to be high quality.  You need get the original files from whoever designed the brochure, website and collateral materials.  


Who Are You?   What Do You Do?  in 10 seconds!

In its simplest form this is what the trade show booth needs to accomplish.  If you have attendees walking into your booth asking “what is it you guys do?” your trade show display has failed.    You should work with a display company that can create a 3D CAD rendering of your booth with your finished graphics so you can see the booth virtually before you spend any money on the final graphics. Towing Lawrence Kansas 


See Your Booth Before You Buy

You should work with a display company that can create a 3D CAD rendering of your booth with your finished graphics so you can see the booth virtually before you spend any money on the final graphics.  Also, double check for placement of TV’s, literature racks or stands, sales kiosks and portable tables.  The 3D rendering can give you views of the booth from all different directions so you are not surprised while setting up at the show and find that there wasn’t enough empty floor space or that the 55” monitor you purchased covered up part of the graphics you’ve designed.


Remain Coherent


You probably have more than a few ideas for you booth coming from different people.  Just because your booth may have 4 different areas doesn’t mean that you should pack as much information into each section as possible.  Remember leave the details to the literature, price sheets and handouts.  Keep the color scheme across the entire booth space, don’t use a multitude of different fonts for copy.  Keep your copy ruthlessly edited for brevity, use bullet points.


Color Matching VOO DOO!


If you’re trade show booth colors requires PMS matching or matching a certain color of products in the booth, don’t rely on merely specifying a PMS color.  PMS (printers matching system) color charts were created for the lithographic business.  Everybody has PMS charts.  However, the current state of the art in large format graphics is ink jet/dye sublimation processes printed to various substrates that may or may not be laminated.  It is wise to plan extra time if color matching is a must.  Get actual printed samples of the colors your trying to match and allow time for the printer to make adjustments to the color profiles and possibly multiple prints to be able to get that perfect color you desire.


Carpe Diem

Seize the Day.  Trade show graphics are generally quite large (8’-12’ high x 10’-20’ wide).  Don’t clutter up the space with a bunch of small pictures and descriptions.  That is what your product catalog and literature is for. Large sweeping images attract attention at trade shows. And by making sure the “who are you” and “what do you do” questions are answered quickly you will get those qualified prospects into your booth space.   Go Big or Go Home



Other Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Tradeshow Experience


Fabric Graphics Care

All our displays that use fabric graphic substrates also use a tension system that will stretch out any wrinkles on a fabric graphic.  If you have an older fabric graphic display, use of a fabric steamer can help with smoothing out the wrinkles in that older fabric graphic.

Trade Show Giveaways

Trade show giveaways are usefull tools once you've got your trade show display design completed and it in production or you have received it.  It is a good brand awareness methodology once you're at your show and are seeing customers.