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Trade Show Truss Displays has been creating unique and eye catching exhibit booth truss structures and graphic designs for over 30 years.  Our experience in truss exhibit design is unsurpassed.  From 10' display truss systems to 50x50 multilevel displays with AV presentations, meeting areas, demonstrations kiosks, backlighted graphic presentation has been proven over time.

You may be wondering:

“How do I choose the best structure for my exhibit area, my companies products and the best presentation of my message?”

We can help you decide on an appropriate exhibit structure for your space, whether its a simple popup type display or bannerstand to a very complex island exhibit.  With attention to showing your branding to all attendees that may be walking the floor, inviting entrance  areas to your booth space with your unique benefits to potential customers in plain view our design experts can create the environment you need to get the maximum from your tradeshow display investment.

But, you’re probably thinking:

“What will that booth look like with my graphics/products/branding on it?”

We can help you envision your next truss display and we do this by creating 3D CAD renderings of your trade show truss system then helping you develop your graphics design with all the specific requirements that a trade show requires.  And we can do this before you spend any money with another company not knowing for sure what you might be getting.  

Next Question:  Won’t that cost a lot?

No.  This is a service we provide for our customers who are changing their booth design FREE of CHARGE.  


In our more than 30 years of experience in the trade show display business we have found that the successful companies do 3 things very well:

1) Utilize the best display structure for their booth space

2) Enhance their booth appeal and function using accessories like banner stand, video kiosks, lighting and literature placement

3) Discover unusual booth ideas that create buzz at the show with product demonstrations, promotional giveaways, visitor experiences.